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douglas 1915
« on: 22 Dec 2004 at 20:42 »
Hi this giorgos from Greece
I am senting this mail in reference of a motobike i just found and own.
It has on the alluminium crank case (flyweel side) casting the year "1915 and the name douglas.
I want to find out what model is about and heresome more info for same.
It has no starter it has a two speed gearbox it has no muflers (only two
bronze pipes one each side, it has brakes (drums)it has two chains one
from the flyweel to the gear box and one from the gear box to the wheel it
has also wheels 20" and the gear box is in line (straight) with the motor.
The cyliner is one piece with the cover and the valves and the carbirator
has two wires.
Now i am in process to recondition same and i need some more info.

Giorgos K

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douglas 1915
« Reply #1 on: 23 Dec 2004 at 03:31 »

There are some discrepancies in the information you provide, that make it difficult to pin down the model and year.  Douglas were not selling motor cycles in 1915 with drum brakes and chain final drive.  They did however have a machine called the 2-3/4hp that was two-speed with chain drive to the transmission, and belt drive to the rear wheel.  The economy model did not have a kick starter or clutch, though these could be had on a more deluxe version.  It is possible that someone 'modernized' your machine with all chain drive and improved brakes.  The original brakes (if it is a 2-3/4hp) would be a brake block in the rear belt rim, and a stirrup brakes working directly on the front rim.  You should see a pivot lug on the rear chain stay tube, and small clips brazed to the front forks as remnants of the original system.  

By the way if it is a 2-3/4hp, the petrol tank Brett has listed which you inquired about is not going to fit your frame.  The petrol tank for a 2-3/4hp is not as tall, and is suspended from the top frame tube where as the EW petrol tank mounts from the bottom.  The serial numbers for the engine, frame, and transmission will definitively identify and date the major components.  


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Re: douglas 1915
« Reply #2 on: 23 Dec 2004 at 05:16 »
Hi Giorgos,
Further to what Doug has advised it would help if you could let us know the engine, gearbox and frame numbers of the bike - this would help to positively identify the machine. For the frame number look for the number stamped on a frame lug above the gear box on the off side. (righthand side as she goes).  You should find  the engine number behind the rear cylinder base or nearside magneto platform and the gearbox number on the top of the box or on a small mounting lug on the nearside.
Hope this helps.

It would also assist and be of interest to others if you could send photographs of the bike - send them to the address shown in this topic and we will post them with your original posting. Thanks.


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