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Identifying old Douglas ?
« on: 14 Dec 2004 at 12:06 »
Hi, I am helping restore an old Douglas 2 3/4 hp bike with my father and would like to find out what year and model the bike is. The Gearbox is a 2 speed with NG5937 stamped on it. The frame has 76156 stamped on it and the engine has 76401 stamped on it. It is belt driven and has a clutch and we believe it is between 1923 - 1926. It seems like a fairly rare model and I have posted a picture of the bike before the restoration. Any assistance in identifying the bike would be greatly appreciated. Regards Glenn

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Identifying old Douglas ?
« Reply #1 on: 14 Dec 2004 at 18:37 »
Hi Glenn

That looks like a great project and most of it is there too!

No doubt someone here will give you answers but in any case I recommend you check out the London Douglas Motor Cycle Club, they have a web site.

They have very good records although I am not sure of the era of you bike, plus a very good spares service that promptly delivers to NZ and I assume Australia.  I am confident their records would help to identify your bike.  When you get onto the project they will help with all manner of details including tank transfers etc.

P.S.  Is that you on the pillion?   :-)

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Identifying old Douglas ?
« Reply #2 on: 15 Dec 2004 at 02:19 »

Belt drive, 2-speed with flywheel clutch, and the numbers make it something like a late 1924 SW model of the long lived and prolific 2-3/4 hp Dougies.  Possibly 1925, though only the 2-speed clutch-less TS and the all chain drive CW were cataloged that year, but leftovers would have been available.  They were into 1926!  Not to be confused with the 500cc o.h.v. SW model they made in 1928-1931.  

With plenty of other 2-3/4hp machines still in use, the spare situation via the LDMCC is quite good, with pistions, valves, springs, etc being manufactured.  So no excuse not to retore it and then wear it out again and again and again!