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T35 For sale - SOLD
« on: 01 Jan 2011 at 05:51 »
Hi I have decided to sell my T35 I had a lot of fun restoring it but know it is just collecting dust, So I think it is time to make way for another project. It is advertised on E Bay and this is the banter i put up
For Sale Douglas T35 1946 Engine No 1207 Frame No T35S 1086.
This bike was dispatched from the Douglas Factory to Bill Mahler of Sydney on the 18th September 1947. So as far as I can tell it was an Australian Delivered Bike which I think makes it a little special.
I purchased the Bike in 2004 from the Vintage Motorcycle swap shop as a rusty wreck and spent the next 4 years restoring her.
I retained the Fertex Seat which was an option on the later Mk5 models and was on the bike when I got it. Fabricated the front guard from a Harley part which is not that far from the original design. The Tank is in good condition and looks great even though the paint style is not original nor is the decal.
The Frame was broken in several places, not unusual for this model and was repaired by the (Sadly late) Bob Martin which included replacing both down tubes and bottom rails.
The engine was very sad and has a complete rebuild including new big end pins and rollers, reground camshafts, Piston rings, sleeved cylinders, cases repaired and a custom bronze timing main bearing fitted, all new bearings new clutch the list goís no and on.
Wheels have been rebuilt with new rims and S/S spokes the bearings have been replaced with sealed units.
New chine and sprocket.
Speedo restored by Lionel Otto (better than new)
Converted the original tail light too twin filament and fitted a stop light, I also put a cheap set of indicators on her for a road worthy (It was easier than arguing with the young RW mechanic that it didnít need them being 1946).
Lots of re plating Chrome and Nickel and too many new bits to list
Has an electronic voltage regulator and the dynamo was rebuilt with new field coils brushes etc. The Magneto has new bearings and bushes runs very well.
Anyway I have had my Fun and for the last two years it has been sitting in the shed gathering dust so I think it is time to move onto a new project and say goodbye to her.

If anybody is interested please drop me a message and we can talk

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Re: T35 Forsale
« Reply #1 on: 10 May 2011 at 09:37 »
Have interest in the bike. What are you looking to get?


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Re: T35 Forsale
« Reply #2 on: 13 May 2011 at 07:57 »
Thanks for the interest but the bike is sold