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EW350 Brake plate mounting

Started by oily bloke, 05 Dec 2010 at 19:29

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oily bloke

Hi all,
The EW is progressing, albeit slowly!! The hubs are away being spoked and rimmed and so I am turning (excuse the pun) to the brakes and associated parts. I have made new spindles using modern roller bearings, Thanks to Doug for your help on that one.
As I acquired the bike in bits and many parts were missing, I cannot see how the brake plates mount to the front and rear forks. I have the castellated rod with the arm for the cable. The rod passes through the fork and plate and into the brake band itself but I can see on various pictures that there appears to be a sleeve/spacer assembly with a nut on the outside which locates the above whilst providing a sleeve for the castellated rod and, I assume, spaces the plate away from the fork. Does anyone have a picture and/or dimensions of them so I can recreate some?
Many thanks


Hi Andy,

see here an older topic about brake arm assembly:

and some photos of mine.

There is no sleeve/spacer in the brake plate but in the fork. The fixing stud is about 70mm long, the thread is 18 mm long and the diameter is 1/4 ". Would say the thread has 26 TIP but as we have an Douglas  :roll: can also be 25 TPI or 27 TPI !!!

Regards Rudolf


Hi Andy,
            Attached is a photo of the same part as fitted to an S6. The main dimensions are: the head is 1.125 dia x .350 long, the centre is .937dia x .300 long (with 2 flats to suit slot in frame), and the threaded portion is .812" dia x .350 long (threaded 20 tpi). The bore is .625" for the operating shaft. The whole bush is made from Phosphor Bronze and is clamped into the frame by a thin nut (about 1" A/F hex).
       From what I am led to believe, you may have to adjust the depth of the head on assembly, as this bush should be a reasonably good fit between the frame and the brake plate without actually touching the brake plate - as this could twist/bend the plate.
      Hope this helps,


Hi Alan

I think that the brake assembly on the EW 350 is the same as on my 1932 A32, which you saw a few months ago in my garage. If it helps call me and drop round to Lightwater to have a look at it. I am in the Guildford phone book.


Paul Goodenough

oily bloke

Hi again and thanks once more for the help. Now I know what it should look like I can proceed once more unto the lathe!!



The part number for the rear fork bush on the 350 and 600EW to take the brake operating arm is 7954-1. For the S6, like the example Eddie showed, the part number is 7954-3. It is the same part that has gone through two minor revisions (-1 to -3), but was still considered interchangeable. If not, Douglas would have assigned it a new part number. 7954-3 also fits the A28 (1928 version of the EW350), B28, C28, B29, and L29. The were still using the same part number in 1938. So the dimensions Eddie provided should work for your model.

The washer is 7955 and the nut 8348, and was shared by all models with the servo band brake.