Author Topic: Can anyone identify my Granddad (or at least the motorcycle)  (Read 2851 times)

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Hi to everyone, and sorry about the title.  I do know who my grandfather is, but what I am really trying to do is to find out about the motorcycle he is astride.

I have to say, he looks very smart (probably Sunday best) and looking quite smug, so I suspect the motorcycle is a new toy, actually probably more than that, every day transport to his job at Standard Telephone.

I am sure it is a Douglas, even though the clarity is a little poor, certainly a single forward facing cylinder, just cannot see the rear cylinder, but can see what I think is the exhaust stub exiting the rear cylinder.  My guess would be it is an early 1930s C32 500cc.  Lucky Grandfather

A little about me.  I am not a Douglas owner, but am an avid motorcyclist and restorer.  I am English, living in Brighton, Michigan, USA.

I have had the attached photograph of my Grandfather for over twenty years, and have never made an inquiry about it.  It would be really nice if I could find out a little more about the motorcycle.

1.   Does anyone recognize that actual model of the motorcycle?  Has anyone got a full side on picture of the same model
2.   Registration YN5287 should give away where and when (perhaps).  YN was a central London registration (Granddad lived in Walthamstow), anyone able to decode this a little more accurately?
3.   Does the motorcycle still exist?  DVLC web site says no

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Mat Gray

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Hi Mat
      I cannot be positive about the identification of your grandfather's machine but my first reaction would be that it is a 1926 EW 350 model. It has a flat tank with gear lever through the tank. The C32 had a saddle tank. Our Machine Register records machines in frame number order and many bikes listed do not have registration numbers. A quick scan of our records suggests that we do not have this registration recorded. However a YN registration not far away from YN 5287 is recorded among the listings of 1926 EWs.  Chris.

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It is an 1926 350cc EW, with the early oiling system used on engines up about engine number 6500.