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Recommendation please
« on: 18 Oct 2010 at 13:38 »
I blew apart my 1913 2+3/4's rear piston at last year's GW run, but Ian at Verrall's fixed it well enough so that I managed the Pioneer, the GoE and the GW this year.
However, it needs something better as the rear bore is scored, so I'd like to fit new pistons etc. front and rear.
Investigations also showed that the front and rear valve guides are really worn, it having been fitted with oversize stem valves sometime in the past. Therefore I need new valves and guides front and rear.
The club can obviously supply the parts I need ...
But !
I would really like the work to be done by someone who comes recommended, as the guides are the cast-in style, and I know that for someone who has done it before it will not be a difficult job, but if they havnt, then jigs etc. will need to be made to do the job properly.
So, do you have any recommendations please, or know of someone who might be able to make a recommendation ?
I live near Petworth, West Sussex, so would prefer someone fairly local.

phil harris