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Douglas Platform Truck
« on: 12 Oct 2010 at 10:06 »
Hello All, The gent who passed on the pics of the Doug racing special is also a volunteer at the Brisbane Maritime Museum and has forwarded some  pics of their interesting Lift Truck unit. The model appears to be the same as mine but lacks any sort of screw lift mechanism. The lift lever does appear on the left side however. As for the 4 wheeler trolley is this Doug origin? Yes the carb is wrong on the truck and it does not run all that well so I think I can provide the correct Solex for the job. Any comments welcome.

regards Alan

Dave to post pics shortly.

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Re: Douglas Platform Truck
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Thanks Alan, photos added.

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Re: Douglas Platform Truck
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Hi all
     The factory in which I did my engineering apprenticeship between 1954 and 1960 had a fleet of these trucks which were used to carry casting between the foundries and the machine shops and heavy items between different departments. I don't know what happened to them when the factory closed in the mid 60s. Few seem to have survived because they are generally too big and heavy to store even by Douglas enthusiasts. Although I have seen them occasionally offered for sale many must have finished as rusty wrecks and been scrapped. All I have now is a cast aluminium identity plate for one on my shed wall.  Chris.

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Re: Douglas Platform Truck
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 Just a comment that quite a few years ago, there was an article published in the LDMCC mag about Douglas platform trucks...Might be of use if someone can find a copy...The article was taken from another collectors type magazine as a chap had found one of these trucks in inland NSW and was thinking about restoring..