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mk1 magnetos.
« on: 31 Aug 2010 at 15:18 »
well that cursed Mk1 of mine is still not a happy runner. uneven running now deffinately identified as being a worn cam ring of the Lucas mag. type MN2L. have dressed the ring up, but not a good profile.   found a good one last week, albeit the advance/ retard slot was at 4 oc, instead of 8 oc., so cut a new slot in the right place. However, one learns, only after fitting, that the cam lobes were in the wrong position in relation to the stop slot at the bottom, and the slip ring on the armature. probabley ment for another bike? still need a  c/ring then.    CAN anyone tell me please, if its worth fitting one of the electonic conversion sets. sounds like a good solution provided one keeps a good battery ??? Denis s