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Sparkplugs and leads

Started by magoo39, 15 Jul 2010 at 09:23

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What plugs should i use in my 1911 bike and does anyone know where to find the end of the plug lead that fits onto the magneto


Hi Magoo 39
   I use KLG Mica plugs in all of my old machines and get no trouble. These plugs are 70 to 90 years old and may be found at auto-jumbles. They come in various grades and both short and long reach. Again it seems to make no difference. They all work in these very old low compression low revving engines. They also have the advantage that they can be taken apart for cleaning. If you want something more modern then there are 18mm Champion 8-COM plugs recommended by other users and some of these have been available brand new (old stock) from Canada in recent years. NGK also make an 18mm plug for the ultra modernist.
   If you have the original Bosch magneto then the pickups are a turned and threaded item and I have never seen new reproduction or original spares for these in the size used for this magneto. (I did find a brand new pair of original Bosch pickups of a larger diameter some years ago which I swapped with a magneto restorer for some other magneto parts). My replica pickups are turned from a resin casting. The outward end of the pickup is a screw (Probably 2BA) and the HT lead simply has a ring terminal soldered on the end which is located on the pickup with a matching nut and washer.   Chris.


As a novice in this field I may be wrong ( and happy to be corrected ) the plugs I have bought for my 1918 and my 1925 engine are NGK dpr8ea-9 plugs. It cost me about 10 dollars australian. Unsure as to wether they fit your model.
the leads I obtained from "vintage wiring harness" in ringwood , victoia , australia.
Hope this all helps and is not too wide of the mark

regards michael
"My first car was a motorcycle"