Author Topic: 1924 Douglas 2 3/4 FRONT BRAKE BLOCKS, WITH METAL HOLDER TO HOLD THEM ON  (Read 2634 times)

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Hi everyone out there,

I am hoping someone out there can help me, please!!  We have just recently acquired a 1924 Douglas 2 3/4 hp motorbike.  It is in lovely original condition but we have a problem, it is missing it's front brake blocks and the metal holder with one bolt hole in to hold them on.  Does anyone know of where we can get these from?? Or even better does anyone have any that they would be prepared to sell to us!

Also on another note we are also looking to purchase another brother or sister for ours so if anyone knows of one for sale please let us know!!  We would love another original condition one, doesn't matter how tatty we will love it all the same!!!!

Fingers crossed someone can help us as I have forbidden my other half in taking it for a spin down the road with no front brake!  He's not a happy man!!!

With thanks


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You can get the parts from the LDMCC I think - however most of us here in Australia run them without the front brake.

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Some years ago LDMCC did have some brake shoes cast, However it was found that when tapping the screw threads there were large blow holes in the casting which was too dangerous to sell.
So so it was decided not to proceed any further with the shoes
Regards          Martin

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Hi. I'm still looking for the front brake stirrup casting and brake blocks etc. for a 1925 Douglas EW.  It's the only parts needed to complete my dad's restoration. 

At this point I'll pay whatever is needed (within reason) for broken parts I can use for patterns.

Please-- pictures, drawings, parts, anything.

My email is and my phone number in the US is 701-651-9093.

Jefferson AKA Syn
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Hi Jefferson, have you tried Bert Pol. I realize that he doesnt sell to the US however maybe you could ask anyway.