Author Topic: i have an EW 350 with incorrect gearbox which is marked as WG i need an RG  (Read 2796 times)

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Currently restoring Douglas EW 350 1927 the gearbox i have is stamped WG thru research i believe i need an RG stamped gearbox to suit as the WG is wider for the frame & suits the 600 cc model,looking for parts in Australia,would be willing to swap,also need other parts to suit resto,interested in  any information,starting out all help would be appreciated.Lynden Tasmania 

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Hi. I have a gearbox casing marked RG. It may not be what you want. There seems to be at least 2 different ones. This one has flat mounting points to attach it to the frame. The one I am using has the mounts curved in a half circle to fit on top of the frame tubes. If this one sounds of any use to you let me know your phone number and I will ring you about it.
regards, Bruce

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The gearbox shell you describe should be prefix RG/C, the 'C' denotes the improved mounting that clamps around the frame tubes.

RG/    original EW350, operating lever on rear side
RG/A  new bush and steel sleeve for low gear
RG/B  sliding gear ball plunger, no vent pipe, operating lever moved to front side.
RG/C  new mounting, clamps to frame tubes
RG/D  low ratios for competition work
RG/E  stronger kick start mechanism, coarser teeth
RG/F  close ratio
RG/G  gear 11875 solid, H3 model
RG/H  A31 model
RG/L  L29 & L3 models

Lynden, assuming you need a gearbox like the WG/ but for the narrower 350cc frame, then you are looking for a RG/C or later.