Author Topic: Wanted front wheel hub or whole wheel and hub for 1947 T35  (Read 2306 times)

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Wanted, front wheel hub or whole wheel and hub for 1947 T35, as the hub is not true, is out of round.
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Re: Wanted front wheel hub or whole wheel and hub for 1947 T35
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Usually the brake drum is not round after being re-spoked. The drums are not very stiff, so care needs to be taken to keep the spoke tension even when lacing and truing up. You can not just haul up hard on a few spokes to get the rim to run true and expect these hubs (or more correctly the drum) to stay round like you can with more modern full width hubs. Before replacing yours, spend some time trying to tune it in with a spoke wrench. Because if you replace the hub you are going to be facing the exact same problem again when you go to true it up.

You will need to set the wheel up so that you can spin it without the brakes installed, so that you can run an indicator against the brake shoe surface to check for circularity.

As a last resort you have to skim the brake drum true with the rim laced in-situ. This of course requires a rather large lathe. You might run into this situation if working with wonky or buckled rims that need a lot of uneven loading to get them to run true, or where the hub has been skimmed when laced into a different wheel.