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mk1 speedo drives.

Started by george sutton, 24 May 2010 at 15:41

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george sutton

Eddie, Help urgently required please.   Continueing the saga of the T35 that does NOT want to go anywhere.   WHAT now ? After all the work i've done to engine /g/box/carbs/ stand/ and most recently, the rear wheel (ex dragon fly spindle).  Got a mk1 from Pat, god bless im !fitted with new bearings, and all back in the frame.    Thought today i might even book that alusive MOT. OH YEA!!   the speedo drive does'nt work properly. got it off to find it wont rotate without missing or sticking on a few teeth. Have suspected this unit since i got it as it was fitted in an UNDER slung way, rather than on top, over the spindle.   Question is can i strip the unit ? if so how ? or this 'capput' also?  i so much want to get this cursed bike on the road,, i really am now begining to flag a bit. Denis s.


           The original speedo drive for the T35 has a 2:1 internal ratio with the cable exiting R.H. side top as viewed from the offside of the machine. Later units were more streamlined, and some had the cable exiting from the other side - the skew gearing in these is reversed , so wont be interchangeable with the opposite hand. Most of the Smiths units can be dismantled, but a bit of brute force may be required. There is a screwed blanking plug opposite side to the cable - this is usually staked to prevent removal but will come out with a little effort. The ring gear that is driven by the back hub is retained by a top hat shaped plate retained by 4 small screws. With this plate removed, the only thing keeping the gear in place is the oilseal which surrounds it. If your unit has done a lot of work, you may be able to improve the mesh of the gears by making a better fitting top hat plate. Other than that, there is not much else you can do - other than look for another unit.

george sutton

Thank you Eddie for your very promt reply, will get to work on it ,got nothing to loose. Denis s


i bought one from hitchcocks motorcycles in the uk brand new same part number as in the t35 spare parts number worth a try if u cant fix

george sutton

Quote from: trevorp on 25 May 2010 at 13:17
i bought one from hitchcocks motorcycles in the uk brand new same part number as in the t35 spare parts number worth a try if u cant fix
HI trevorp,  thanks for the info,am trying many souces at the moment.   actually have a local classic m/c shop who he says normally stocks them new, but he has'nt got one now, keep trying ,Denis s



I have used Hitchcock's quite a few times & am very impressed with their service. 
For your info:

Open 9am - 6pm Mon - Fri - closed Sat & Sun.

Tel 01564 783 192 (UK) +44 1564 78392 (International)


george sutton

HI Dawn having got them in my favourits, they where one of the first i tried ,but no joy  i'm afraid.  Thanks for your help though regards Denis.

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