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Tom Doran's MarkFly
« on: 18 Apr 2010 at 11:53 »
Here's a picture of my Dad's 1951 mark which he bought in 1960 he fitted the dragonfly engine in 1965, it was passed on to me in 2007 and is ridden every year at the festival of 1000 bikes.
Some of you will notice the non standard parts of this unusual machine, its never ever meant to be built to period or to comply with any rule book regarding what should or shouldn't be on a 51 mark, alot of it was hand made by Dad and i guess that just adds to its sentimental value to me.
Anyway i just thought i'd share with you all.

My Dad passed away on the 15th April this year after being diagnosed with lung cancer in october 2009

R.I.P Jim Doran 22-03-1942 to 15-04-2010