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New member with new EW.

Started by Keith, 06 Apr 2010 at 11:44

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Greetings all,
I've had my newly-acquired 1926 EW a couple of weeks now and I'm just starting to sort out some of the issues. It came in good "oily rag" condition.  I rode it up and down the road a few times just to see what some of the main bits might need attention. The engine starts and runs very well, but a transmission noise from the chain area was evident. So the first thing I've done is to get new chains on. The primary had a 420 so a 415 has replaced that, and the drive had a whopping 530 which was catching the cush drive spring holders (hence the noise) so a 520 has gone on instead. Obviously at some point the drive has been upgraded to the 5/8" size chain (I don't think the 5/8" Colonial chain size came in till the late 20s?).
Anyway while replacing the chains I noticed that the gearbox drive cog was loose and after pulling the primary sprocket off the drive cog just about fell off on its own accord (no lock washer) and the nut itself was basically stripped. Luckily the drive shaft thread looks okay. The nut looks like a 1" x 26tpi r/h - Is this a readily available size?

Otherwise it all seems mechanically sound. There is an early 30s Ariel front wheel on it at the moment - I've got the original but it's missing the brake actuating arm. The carby is Amal 276 but seems to run fine. It needs a pair of toolboxes which I'll make with the help of my local leather guy. But I must say that for my first flattank and Douglas - I'm impressed.

I've been working my way through all the old posts - great stuff! Also joined the LDMCC.



Hi Keith
   The CW and EW models both originally had Renold 110044 chains for both primary and final drive NOT 415. These are both nominally 1/2" x 3/16". The differences are that 110044 has a roller diameter of 0.335" and distance between inner side plates of 0.205" whereas 415 has a smaller roller diameter of 0.305" and distance between inner side plates of only 0.192". With new sprockets the 110044 is a good correct fit. As the pitch is the same at 0.500" 415 chain with its smaller rollers will go on but would be very tight on the width as the original sprocket width for the two chains is different. After years of sprocket wear, especially if the wrong chain has already been run on them, you will probably find that the 415 runs OK.  Chris.


Keith, great to hear of another keen Douglas person in Oz - I hope you are planning on having it up and running in time for the national Douglas rally in late September ?


Chris - spot on about the chain dimensions. I measured the wear on the cogs first and there was not a lot but enough to allow the new 415 to run freely with just a few thou sideplay. 

Ian - I'm definitely going to the Douglas Rally in September even if I have to push the bike while I'm there - my application is in already! It's great part of the world with stunning scenery - highly recommended to anyone not familiar with the Grampians. The landscape will be a great test for the veteran and vintage bikes.  :) :shock: