Author Topic: T35 crankshaft is it interchangable with war time generator crank?  (Read 2942 times)

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Will a generator crank fit a t35 mk 1

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        The generator crank is different but can be made to fit in a Mark engine. Several LDMCC members are using them in road bikes. The main differences are - 1. No oil thrower on the drive end. 2. The extension on the front end that takes the timing gears is shorter and the key for the gears is a square section instead of Woodruff type used in the motorcycle engine. The usual mod for the front end is to do away with the tab washer, thin the nut down a little, then use Loctite in lieu of the tab washer.
       You should bear in mind the fact that the generator engine produced significantly less power than the motorcycle engine - and at much lower revs, and consequently, the crankpins have a smaller interference fit in the crank webs, and have been known to move when worked hard.

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Hi Ray
I own a special which was built in the early '70s with the generator crank shaft, by a good friend and club member. Who rode it to Istanbul and back, and then the next day rode it up to Bicester for the clubs annual rally. Needles to say he won the furthest traveled award.
He continued to use the machine regularly throughout the '70s and '80s. I then took ownership.
Since owning this bike I've had the crank changed for another generator crank. but that was towards the latter part of the '90s.
So the original lasted nearly 30 year and I can't imagine how many tens of thousands of miles.
So as Eddie said the crank can be fitted and I can confirm they do work.
Hope this helps
Regards          Martin


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Many Thanks Martin and Eddie i have a complete Genny engine so i am guessing that i have every thing i need to do the job ?

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