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Started by Michel H, 14 Feb 2010 at 09:00

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Michel H

Hello everybody, I'm new member on this site. Here you'll see an antique negative glass ans his positive printing :

Which one Douglas is it ?



Hi Michel
    The illustration is of a 2.3/4hp Douglas manufactured prior to 1919 at the latest but probably before 1916. a more detailed and larger picture might enable a more precise dating. The fact that it appears to have white tyres suggest that it may be earlier still and prior to 1914 but no earlier than 1912 thus officially, under Sunbeam Club rules, qualifying it as a veteran and eligible for the Pioneer Run to Brighton.
  This machine is of nominally 350cc has a twin cylinder in line engine with side valves. it probably has a two speed gearbox with chain primary drive and belt final drive. This is probably the most popular Douglas ever made with some 90,000 with only minor changes being made between 1912 and 1926. It established Douglas as a major manufacturer of motorcycles when it was selected as one of only two official suppliers of motorcycles for despatch rider duties in the First World War with orders for about 25,000 machines in the 2.3/4hp category and several thousand 4hp models with sidecars.  Chris.


Hi Michel & Chris
I found this picture on the internet some time ago, I can't remember where but I think its a close up of the same machine.


Larger View

Michel H

Of course, because it's the same picture... :shock:


Hi again
   With the improved definition and detail it is now quite clear that it is post 1914. Chris


I would say 1915; a model V judging by foot pegs, carb., and general options (or lack of.)

According to the catalog, the 2-3/4hp picked up the curved front fork shackles that year. Other features pin it to the 1914-15 year span. Possibly an optional 3-speed, judging by the length of the gear change gate.

In 1916, the rear brake block moved to the outside of the belt rim, so it can not be later than that.