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identifying T35 cyl. barrels.

Started by george sutton, 02 Feb 2010 at 17:11

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george sutton

So where am i now ?. Once more needing advice from Eddie or other Knowledgeables.  Having complained bitterly to Cotswold classics on my problems with this bike since i bought it, they have today refunded some money for parts  i have had to buy to refurbish the cylinder heads. also they delivered two old dougie barrels that might help, from their box of bits.  I could hardly contain my excitment when i saw them, for i am sure they are proper M/C barrels.  OK then Eddie, description :-  1st. fin down from the cyl.hd. flange isall round but flats on the sides.  2nd. fin is cast in quarter sections. 3/4/&5th. fins are all round.  6th. fin is in quarter sections again. There is a strengthening web tween all fins on each side. The cyl.hd. flange is full gasket width.and the base flange is a stonger casting "buttressing" up the barrel body at the bottom.No tappet devider or even a hole  for one . The cyl.hd. stud holes are for 3/8 studs,and spaced differently, these could of course be plugged and redrilled.   Am i right in thinking then ,that what i have are mk3 barrels??  That lads was the good news.  upon sizeing the bores, i found the have already been bored to 2.435"(+40 "over size) and a bit scored.     Unless some has a usefull suggestion on what to do with these, my hope is to bore out my genny barrels for +.030" pistons.   One day, One day, maybe ill get to kick it over again.  Love to all, Denis.s