Author Topic: Time is an illusion......  (Read 5940 times)

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Time is an illusion......
« on: 19 Nov 2009 at 12:01 »
Lunchtime doubly so :)

Just wondering why the time on here seems to be GMT -1 Time of this post is 13:00.

Mike 8-{>

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Re: Time is an illusion......
« Reply #1 on: 19 Nov 2009 at 18:19 »
Good point Mike. The U.S.A. (where the server is located) went to daylight saving in early November and I forgot to change the time offset for this Forum. :oops: It should show the correct GMT now though.

For those who may not have seen it, you can adjust the time displayed to your local time in your Profile. There's a field in there called "Time Offset" where you can enter the number of hours ahead or behind GMT for your time zone.

For example, U.K. members would currently have zero in there, but in summer would change it to +1. A member on the east coast of the U.S.A would currently have -5, while a member on the east coast of Australia would currently have +11.

This setting needs to be adjusted by +/-1 on each occasion your time zone moves on or off daylight savings time.