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Joe Barters fee 1905

Started by Doug Frost, 27 May 2008 at 17:38

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Doug Frost

I am searching for any pictures of the 'Fee', which was the prototype Fairy, or any printed comment at the time 1905
I only have the full side view retouched picture. 


Hi Doug,

although I've been looking for it for a while, I've never found anything about the 'Fee' other dan later text referring to it as the first name of The Fairy. The picture you mention, would that be the same as the one on page 5 of Briercliffe and Brockways 'Douglas motorcycles' ? Unfortunately there seems to be no logo ore name on the tank of this machine....

I'm wondering if there ever was more than a single prototype and the subsequent production models were all Fairies?

regards, Michiel

Doug Frost

Appologies for this very late reply to your question but at the time I knew very little about the project I was going into but by now there is not much left to know.
Joe Barter only made the one protoype FEE engine and had to fit it into a bicycle frame to see if it would work.
After some serious adjustments he claimed to get 20mph.
Proper motorcycles were coming along and he went down that road as the articles in 'New Conrod' are and will describe.
Regards,  Doug Frost. UK.