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Mk 5 Back in the Shed
« on: 14 Sep 2009 at 08:38 »
Hello All, On the second weekend in August our local branch of the Historical Motor Cycle Club of Qld decided again to use my small town for a weekend of riding our old girder fork machines of all makes and most took advantage of a walk through my bikes and other junk etc ?????????

This gave the old mate Des a chance to ride his E 29 and return the Mk 5 to me in one piece with only a couple of items to complete. I will leave it to Dave to post the pics.

To all those who have tried to email me over the past month my computer has given me the horrors and my backup one was receiving and then losing before I could read so any one I have ignored that is why. Back to almost normal now????

Pics:- Can't say they are my best photography but decided at the time to take as is where is. The exhausts were made up from VW pipes but may be replaced later when suitable bends are found in stainless. Have the footrest rubbers but may need to wait for the Gatton swap late Oct for the end fittings. And yes it runs OK but we didn't go to the trouble at this stage of restoring the generator to charge. The quality of the tank and rims allowed chrome plating. Most of the major parts were sourced from about five different directions and the left overs Des is hoping to eventually achieve another 2 mounts  for himself. Numbers don't match but that don't matter. My collection was originally only going to be for the girder fork models but I guess now  the next thing will be to get an early Mark and a Dragonfly.  regards Alan

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Re: Mk 5 Back in the Shed
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Photos added.