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Pictures of F/G31 Quill
« on: 03 Aug 2009 at 16:24 »
Hi there,

Im looking for a picture or drawing of a quill from a F/G31 engine. Doug has provided me with pictures and drawings from other quills, but non seem to match the design from my engine.

The current quill in my engine appears to be home made as there is no felt which seems to be one common part of the design in other pictures.

This is what my quill looks like.



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Re: Pictures of F/G31 Quill
« Reply #1 on: 03 Aug 2009 at 17:45 »
          Your quill looks to be the same as that fitted in my '29 Dirt Track engine, except that you seem to be minus the loose brass washer/collar that retains the gland on the L.H. spigot (as viewed in your photo). The gland in my motor appears to be made of a cork - like material and is only about 4mm thick. The brass quill is a neat fit in the crankcase, so there is not likely to be any great leakage past it - in any case, once the engine is running, centrifugal force probably draws the oil into the crankshaft, rather than it needing to be pressure fed.