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1929 E29 Frame
« on: 02 Aug 2009 at 10:12 »
Hi Guys

Two years ago the Brooklands Museum Trust was given a 1929 Douglas E29 600 cc SV engine, EH series, wuth a Brookslands racing history. It was without a flywheel or clutch. This engine has been restored and they asked me , as a Douggie man, if I could help them source the bits to rebuild a period bike to house the engine.

Over the past four months I have acquired :-

1. Clutch, flywheel and engine sprocket.
2. Front forks with steering yoke.
3. Two front wheels with brake assemblies.
4. One rear wheel without the sprocket, female splione and brake drum.
5. A 1930 S6 frame, YF series.

This frame took an EX series engine with sump and a WG series gearbox, and has two slotteed plates between the fore and aft rails and a U shaped dracket at the centre of the front bottom cross member to take the engine location/logking bolt.

I think that the E 29 engine which originally would have been mounted on a XF series frame will fit on the YF series frame with a WG gearbox, but would require a lug on the LH side of the frame to take the relevant locating/locking bolt.

Could amyone help me with drawings, dimensions or photographs of this part of a 1929 XF frame so that we could use the YF frame so modified?Also could anyone help with the missing bits of the rear wheel and source a WG gearbox.