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Early Douglas motors...........
« on: 30 Jul 2009 at 11:50 »
G'day all
I borrowed some New Conrod magazines from a mate of mine and spotted a letter from Doug showing a couple of very early motors from the photo archives of the magazine.
One of the motors was the engine sold off by the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu as "excess to requirements" some years ago (one of the reasons I would never leave anything to a museum, (idiots sometimes have a say in running them) and sold to Bert Pol at the Beaulieu Autojumble.
The other motor mentioned is mine....see photos.
It looks very much of the same family as the motor with "Douglas" cast into it.......but its not!
It took me a long time to identify it as a "AZ" motor made in Amstouz, France.
I have two of these motors with about 300 between the engine No's.
I dont think they ever made complete bikes just proprietary engines both bike and car.
I was fairly convinced at the time I sent the original photo of the motor into the magazine that it was a Douglas product.

Photos added to database - Dave, 31st July 2009
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