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1930 S6 tank colours
« on: 27 Jul 2009 at 10:39 »

Dear All
Now that I have a few miles under the wheels and more since my breakdown halfway round the Banbury Run (both sprocket nuts came loose on the end of the gear box) I am preparing to move to the "tidy it up" part of the restoration.
I have a few oil leaks and the inevitable S6 clutch slip to solve but I can now venture reasonably far afield with some expectation of getting back to base.
My tank was chromed but I do'nt think that I can afford that solution.  Particularly as I am running by kind courtesy of Petseal.  Where do I get colour cards for the silver grey with blue panels solution. Some photos show the blue panel outlined with what looks like a light grey?
I have some nice photos but my skilled painter friend needs a bit more than that.