Author Topic: ESTIMATED VALUE 1930 DOUGLAS S6  (Read 5413 times)

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« on: 03 Jul 2009 at 22:25 »
I am a new member and have recently acquired a DOUGLAS 1930 S6. The bike is an 8 out of 10 and has been restored. I live in the USA, can anyone give me the approximate value of the beauty.

I would greatly appreciate your response.


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« Reply #1 on: 04 Jul 2009 at 08:33 »
Hi Joel and welcome to the Forum. Congratulations on the acquisition of your S6, it sounds a like a fine machine.

For Members to provide an estimate of its value, you will need to provide more details including the engine and frame numbers, plus some photographs so that Members can assess the condition for themselves.

For information on how to send or add photos to your post, please see this topic - How to Post Photos

You can add or send as many photos as you wish and should include some closeups especially of the engine area.

Other information that Members appreciate, is some indication of your intentions for the machine - eg do you plan to keep it, restore it, or sell it at some time in the future. If you do plan to sell it, do you have some means in mind eg Ebay or via private sale.

If you plan to sell it via Ebay, the number of buyers in the market during the period of the auction has a big influence on the final price. Also your willingness to assist with shipping to other countries (or not), can significantly affect the outcome.

Another aspect that one must bear in mind with valuations is that they can vary enormously from country to country. A model that is scarce in one country may be relatively plentiful, or less desirable, in another.
Having said all of the above, please be aware that Members may be unable or unwilling to provide a valuation at the moment and there may be no further replies to this topic. Please don't be offended by this apparent lack of interest. Members are always interested in other people's machines - particularly when details and photos are provided. However, they may just not feel able to provide an accurate valuation of your machine in your locality at the current time.

If you do receive some estimates, please be aware that these are personal opinions only and may be based on knowledge of the market for Douglas machines in the Member's own country or state.

Finally, there are some topics relating to the sale of 600cc machines in the Ebay Forum which is accessible only to Members. You will find it as a sub-forum of the Douglas Motorcycles and Parts For Sale forum. Browsing and searching the Ebay Forum may help you form an opinion of the machine's approximate worth.

Here are a couple of links to relevant topics in the Ebay Forum.

 - 1930 s6 600 for sale in NZ

 - 1930 Douglas S6, 600sv for sale on EBay