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1929 Douglas E.29.
« on: 06 Jun 2009 at 13:24 »
The Motor Cycle Volunteers at Brooklands Motor Museum, of which I am one, two years ago aquired a E.29 600 c.c engine EH Series with a Brooklands racing history. The engine is now rebuilt, and the plan is to assemble an E.29 as a running exhibit. However we are short of a lot of parts, and need to aquire the following :-

1) Flywheel
2) Clutch assembly
3) Engine drive sprocket
4) Frame PF or XF Series
5) Three Speed Gearbox WG Series
6) Rear Wheel

Has anyone got any of these bits that I could acquire? Either leave a message on this forum or phone me on UK 01276 471921

Cheers Paul