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The London Douglas Motorcycle Club
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The London Douglas Motorcycle Club 1928 - Present

During the twenties with many world records and racing successes, enthusiasm for Douglas machines mounted, which led to the formation of factory sponsored clubs throughout the UK. The ‘London Douglas M.C.C.’ was formed in 1928 by a few Douglas owners and during the thirties membership gradually increased as popular activities such as sporting events, day trips, camping weekends and long distance runs were held.

After the war, during which activities were suspended, a few members reformed the Club, and the staging of social, sporting and touring events soon increased the membership again enabling various sections of to be formed away from London around the country. As the popularity of motorcycling began to decline the number of members dwindled to around 100 or so but these enthusiasts kept the Club going until the seventies. By this time, however, Douglas machines were no longer a members ‘means of transport’ but were machines to treasure, to maintain, to refurbish and to ride on leisure occasions.

By the mid-seventies the Club had changed considerably, and although a London Club by name it had by then become the International Club for Douglas owners. Membership rapidly increased across the country and overseas until today when the London Douglas M.C.C. Ltd is a healthy and thriving Club, participating in a wide range of activities, with a membership exceeding 1100.

To read more about the Club and the history of the Douglas Marque and to view the Photo Gallery visit here where there is also an on-line facility to join the Club.
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