Author Topic: 1927 EW 350 - Amal Carburettor ID help sought  (Read 4103 times)

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1927 EW 350 - Amal Carburettor ID help sought
« on: 05 Feb 2009 at 05:28 »
My EW 350 is going fine, but could do with better carburetion to improve flexibility. The existing AMAC is a bit tired and I'm not sure if they ever worked that well.
Alan suggested I fit a 274 Amal which I have been trying to find.
The first two photos (showing scale rule) are of an Amal carb which I purchased, but have no idea what its off, suspect a lawnmower or chainsaw. Any ideas what it is and if it would be an improvement.
The third photo I of what I think may be a 274 and am trying to purchase it if the price doesnt go silly. The spigot is said to be 1" dia. Could someone confirm that it is a 274. Also if anyone has the missing topworks, or other remains of a 274, I would be interested.

Thanks & regards

Steve McKenzie

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