Author Topic: Douglas Industrial 600 cc Engine M/C Use  (Read 3660 times)

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Douglas Industrial 600 cc Engine M/C Use
« on: 11 Nov 2008 at 08:54 »
Hello All, Had a query from a friend asking what would be usable crank wise from a 600 cc industrial motor in reference to a motor for sale by Darren on E Bay (160297238871).

My reply is the flywheel taper is of the bigger diameter. The timing side is also different in not having the left hand thread to take the oil pump drive worm. The timing gears are the same as are the con rods but cylinder cooling is different and heads too with the exhaust downward wouldn't work.

Could the crank be used basically a lot of work would be required to flywheel taper  threads etc. Or maybe use of a later S6 type flywheel.???????? regards Alan