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Wally Woollatt - An Australian Champ.
« on: 22 Mar 2008 at 13:44 »

Hi all,
The postcard below has been reproduced with the permission of Jim Scaysbrook, editor of 'Old Bike Australasia' magazine. It was provided to Old Bike Australasia by Robert Keeley of Buderim, Queensland and appeared in Issue Number 6 (January-February, 2008) of the magazine.

To view a black and white version of the image which shows the bike details a little clearer click HERE

The hand written notes on the card read...

"I.O.M. Douglas 500cc M25 - Winner of many races - W. Woollatt."

"Note - Disk brakes, Twin Carbys, Air pressure balance box."

"These were a precision made job - the most perfect standard ever."

Also listed on the card are references presumably to Woollatt racing successes at Sellicks Beach and Gawler Racecourse, both in South Australia and at Aspendale and Colac in Victoria.

During a search of my own I learned that Wally was a forerunner in the formation of the Classic Owners Motor Cycle Club (COMCC) in South Australia of which I am a member. This club began as a 'breakaway' club formed by a group of members of the Veteran and Vintage Motor Cycle Club of South Australia who proposed that a separate division within the VVMCC be formed to cater for classic motorcycles. The proposal failed to gain majority support. The COMCC subsequently held its inaugural meeting on the 21st. August 1962.

Can anyone relate any history related to Wally Woollatt or perhaps post comments about the bike? It has been identified by editorial note in the magazine as an RA model.


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Re: Wally Woollatt - An Australian Champ.
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Yes it is an RA model. The shape of the airbox looks like that introduced for the 1924 season.