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Stumped! Timing Mk3

Started by Alex Hall, 15 Aug 2008 at 09:03

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Alex Hall

Hi all,
Having found a worn selector fork pin on the Mk 4, thereby needing a gearbox dismantling.
Thought it would be opportune to try and get the Mk3 up and running and ride a bike with 4 gears. I don t usually call it quits but am at a point where I cannot make sence of what the problem is. The carbs rebuilt and seem fine even though they might very occasionally overflow when the float neddle hasn t seated properly, just a bit of abuse with the tickler and it settles down. Unfortunatly I ordered parts for the Amals from Burlen, but upon arrival of the box of bits I discover that they are all for a 276!! Float, needle and bowl top! So back to metal polish on the old needles. Apologies to the LDMCC as I should have asked there first.
So the Mk 3. The Mk 4 starts amazingly well, literally two weeks of sitting idle in the workshop, hot and humid enviorment as its summer, a couple of kicks and its happily purring away. So thought I would set the 3 up with the points in the same position, at full advance, with the rh cylinder at TDC with valves rocking as the 4. Maybe some error in my logic here? Playing with the mag on the 3 is fiddly so removed the exhaust too. Greased the bearing, cleaned the contact plate behind the points, with mag out could adjust the points well and gently and carefully reassembled the lot. I was so confident that it would run well, that I refitted the exhaust and top clamp on the dynamo. Tickled carbs, Hey presto! It fired ran, touch the throttle and it increases in rpm. Lovely. It slowly died then nothing! And it remains nothing. Check fuel, no problem, check spark no problem.

It got late so went home frustrated. Today is a holiday here, so am going to see if any of the timing moved by comparing it to the 4 and then start all over again.
All you demi gods of the Douglas world, have you got any suggestions? Is there a possibility that the taper that hold the points and the magneto rotor can slip? Am off to now to have a look, will probably go for a rid eon the 3 speed Mk4 to boost my moral first!
Once again thanks for your help in the past. Not withstanding this minor grief, I m certainly enjoying the bikes.


when u greased the bearings make sure no grease ended up where it shouldnt be ie points

Alex Hall

Hi All,
Thanks Trevorp, Checked the back plate for grease contamination. Whilst i had the mag off again tried tighten ing the nut holding the gear in place on the taper, found this loose. Too loose infact, dried the taper and put a dap of loctite and retightened. Voila, running very nicely. Took it for a spin to find the clutch slipping quite badly. So much so that when trying to kick start her the clutch slips too. When I removed the little inspection plate on beneath the cable entry found what looks like a rats nest, suppose this is disintegrated lining. So this weekends project starting now after tea is remove box and reline clutch. Did I read correctly that the Morris Minor clutch linings are a match? Oh joy oh rapture. The engine pulls well and doesn t smoke either as a bonus. Cheers all.