Author Topic: Should I strip the engine?  (Read 3020 times)

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Should I strip the engine?
« on: 09 Aug 2008 at 14:08 »
Hi All
 I purchased a Dragonfly 4 or 5 years ago which came with a spare engine (this is proper to the bike, same nos as the frame).
The engine being used in the bike at present is starting to smoke. I am thinking of changing the engine back to the original.
Although the old gentleman I got the bike from told me that the engine had been "done up" I feel hesitant to just put it in as I know it had be sitting there for approximately 20 years with out any oil.
How far should I strip this engine down? Or should I do a complete strip?
If I only semi strip will the gaskets and oil seals still be oil tight?
Regards    Martin