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douglas generator engine

Started by ferretlurcher, 31 Jul 2008 at 18:06

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have recently brought a horizontal twin generator engine. unfortunately in bits and cannot find any pictures of one complete can anyone help?


Douglas made generator engines from WW1 onward based on the going motorcycle engine. So there are quite a number of variations it could be. You will need to supply more details like the prefix on the serial number, or a picture of the crankcase.



the number stamped on the engine is ft35/1/2066 on the magneto is type md2p4.
apart from knowing more of the history the engine. photos of the carb linkage and what type of fuel tank it had and where it was fixed to the engine would be of interest. the person i got it from said it was used to power a saw bench by the previous owner to him.


See the following posts with industrial engines with prefix ft35/ (using the search utility for "ft35")

You seem to have one of the WW2 generator engines, this post has a picture of the original unit-,1305.msg4511.html#msg4511

They get a mention in this post, the first picture is the ft35 type-,1883.msg6824.html#msg6824

No pictures of the ft35/ type, but the engine prefixes discussed in this post here-,2215.msg8062.html#msg8062

Reprints of the Handbook available from John Withers as item IND900 (scroll to end of list)-,148.msg355.html#msg355



are ht leads still made to fit these engines? i appear to be missing a cover over the points does anyone have a picture of this so i can make one?

Quotes of previous messages trimmed - Dave, 29th Aug


     All the electrics on the generator engines were screened to prevent radio interference - this included the spark plugs and leads, as well as the cover on the points, which is very similar to the Bakelite cover on the Mark type magdyno but with a brass  cover which is earthed via the edge and the retaining clip - even the cutout wire was screened and earthed to the switch panel.
      There must be plenty of the original plugs and leads lying around where owners have used the mags on other projects not requiring the screening.

P.S. It is amazing how many members of this forum expect to use it to obtain assistance or friendly advice, but want to stay totally anonymous by not even giving the rest of us a rough idea of their location - friendship works both ways, you know!

Big Bill

There is one complete and kin goodorder advertised on E Bay at the moment with pictures, Regards, Bill


Quote from: Big Bill on 31 Aug 2008 at 21:34
There is one complete and kin goodorder advertised on E Bay at the moment with pictures, Regards, Bill
thanks have e mailed the seller to see if he will send me pictures of the bits i need, shame he is yorkshire and i am in southampton as i would go and have a look.