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« on: 10 Nov 2009 at 00:21 »
hi i'm new here,just got a dragonfly frame (number 1470/6 i think) along with few other bits & bobs,what i would like to know is,is it possable to put a bike back on the road after who knows how many years off it? i don't have an engine(well no douglas just 3 arrows,maybe someone was trying for a special).is it worth while stripping the frame and having blasted and painted and trying to collecet bits or will it only ever be spares for someone else? hope this makes sense cheers Paul

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Re: hi
« Reply #1 on: 10 Nov 2009 at 06:56 »
Hi Paul
I think a lot of machines on the road today have been built this way, I would not go to the expense of having anything done to the frame just yet.
Its worth looking for missing parts first and knowing how much you've got before doing anything.
Not sure if you are a member but its well worth joining the Douglas club. Their web address is:- .


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Re: hi
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Hi Paul,
             You don't give your location, but if in the UK, using this frame to put a bike back on the road shouldn't be a problem - although it may have to be with an age related number. If you join the LDMCC, when you are ready to put the bike on the road, you will be able to get a dating certificate from the registrar. This will make dealings with the DVLA much more straight forward. A couple of years ago, I registered a special built mainly from Douglas parts, and the whole process at the DVLA took less than 15 minutes - but I had to cough up the fee of 50 for the 'new' age related number.