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Douglas Patents of Note 14
« on: 28 Feb 2008 at 02:55 »

Improvements in Manufacture of Cam Mechanism.

Patents of Note 14
Patent No.: 256,353
Application: May 27, 1925
Complete: Feb. 02, 1926
Accepted: Aug. 12, 1926

Someone once asked me how they manufactured the cams on the EW, believing them to be machined from solid, with the observation on what a wasteful and time consuming process it must have been. I said they broached a cam shaped hole in the gear, pressed in a cam, and gave it a light clean up on the cam grinder. They would not believe me. Later, I saw this patent. Recently there has been an outfit promoting the use of ‘trigon’ shaped holes as the ultimate in inexpensive and positive torque press fit connection.  “Johnny-come-late” I say.

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