Author Topic: DT5 Sprint Hill Climber Project  (Read 5127 times)

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DT5 Sprint Hill Climber Project
« on: 22 Feb 2008 at 20:03 »
Malcolm Herwin kindly sent in these photos and message.

Here are a couple of pictures of my DT5 bought as a basket case last June. It was owned and campaigned on the grass and sprints by the late Jim PARKS. The wheels and hubs were too far gone and various bits were missing. The frame mod was already done. It was fired up two weeks ago and will be hill climbing at Hartland Quay North Devon U.K. on 6.3.08.Phill Manzano who lives near me helped a lot with the engine, he overhauled the crank for me and provided some of the missing bits. Malcolm Herwin Ashford Kent UK.