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Douglas Patents of Note 13
« on: 28 Feb 2008 at 03:50 »

Improvements in Engine and Tank Attachments for Motorcycles.

Patents of Note 13
Patent No.: 252,890
Application: May 27, 1925
Complete: Feb. 16, 1926
Accepted: Jun. 10, 1926

… the engine and tank are secured to the frame members by a single hollow pivotal member.  This allows either or both to be swiveled for accessibility, provides a single attachment for the two parts, and may constitute a passage connection between the engine crankcase and the oil tank.

O.k., so we all know the EW did not end up with an engine that pivoted in the frame (as long as the bolts are tight!) nor did it have an under-slung oil tank. But might it have or was it just a pipe dream? Well… See the next picture used in early publicity material with the odd fitting out of the bottom of the crankcase that bears an uncanny resemblance to 9 as seen in Figure 2.

Note also the unusual location (for Douglas) of the spark plugs in the inlet valve caps. Which just go to show some of these well-detailed patent drawings just might have made it beyond the idea to the prototype stage.

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