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Douglas Patents of Note 11
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Improvements in Oil Pumps.

Patents of Note 11
Patent No.: 234,299
Application: Jun. 16, 1924
Complete: Mar. 07, 1925
Accepted: May 28, 1925

There is nothing particularly remarkable about this oil pump, just a little oscillator job. Opposed twin oscillator no less! What is interesting is where it is shown, attached to the underside of an airbox for an O.H.V. engine (Fig 1.) The tall airbox could be had with a vertical drive shaft driven via a worm on the end of the crankshaft from 1925 onwards on the TT/I.o.M. models. Usually it stuck out the bottom to drive a pump attached to the side of an oil sump located below the engine. I have never seen a pump like this on a Douglas, so it was just an idea they had or was only used on a few special machines?

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