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Petrol tank brackets, 1930s models
« on: 31 Jan 2008 at 04:43 »
New Petrol Tank Brackets for 1930s models.

To replace damaged or missing brackets for most 1930-38 models with 1-1/8 frame tubes. Stamped in the original thickness 14 gauge steel to dimensions shown below. Douglas part number 10568.

Suits the following models-
1929   L29 (350cc)
1930   L3, H3 (350cc), S5 (500cc), S6, T6 (600cc)
1931  A31, B31 (350cc), C31 (500cc), D31, E31 (600cc)
1932  A32 Terrier, B32 (350cc),  C32 Bulldog (500cc), D32 Greyhound, E32 Ayredale (600cc), H32 Mastif (750cc)
1933  D33 (600cc), H33 (750cc)
1934  Y (250cc), Y1 (350cc), Y2 (500cc), Z (600cc), Z1 (750cc), OW (500cc OHV), OW1 (600cc OHV)
1935  Comet (250cc), Cotswold (350cc), Blue Chief (500cc), Speed Special (500 & 600cc OHV), Wessex (600cc), Powerflow (750cc), Endeavour (500cc Transverse shaft drive)
1936  250, 350, 500, 600
1937-38  DC600 (600cc)

(Excluding DT, SW, F/G31 & 32, Bantam, and CL38.)

Supplied with 1/4 holes, which will need to be drilled out to suit. There seems to be a variation in hole sizes and roundness on examples measured! Holes are left undersized so they can be opened up to suit the individual application.

US$10 each. Packing, postage, and insurance extra.


D. Kephart, 1098 Smithbridge Rd., Glen Mills, PA 19342-1206 USA

PDF Downloads (requires Adobe Acrobat)-
Repair drawing