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My Douglas Bulldog 500cc
« on: 14 Dec 2007 at 07:00 »
Hello all, Yes my Douglas Bulldog has arrived back to the shed. Now I should explain this is not a pure bred bulldog as the parts of many other models had to be used for its completion. Many years ago I started with the barrels and alloy heads and the timing half of the cases only. A B 29 flywheel side crankcase had to be modified by opening up the cylinder base to take the 500 barrels. Next a B29 frame had to have the bottom rails removed and a D28 style lower frame fitted to take the 4 engine mount bolts. The timing cover was retrieved from other 350 sumpless engines as was the manifold. And yes Daren that is the tank that I picked up at the razor back swap all those years ago (red with rudge on it wasnt it) not sure its right for the model. The crank has the same throw as the B29 and H3 the capacity increase being in the bore. Didnt have a copy of the gearshift gate and lights and muffler still to be done. Probably should have a centre stand but settled for a rear. Quite happy with it now being all in one piece. The master fixer doesnt know what he is in for with the next ones,The S1 projects, S1 standard machine, S1 racer and whatever Des can turn up for himself from the spare motor, gearbox parts and various broken frames.
regards Al        pics to follow.

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