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Douglas Patents of Note 05
« on: 30 Nov 2007 at 02:15 »

Improvements in or relating to Motor Bicycles.

Patents of Note 05
Patent No.: 553,510
Application: Nov. 28, 1941
Complete: Nov. 30, 1942
Accepted: May 25, 1943

A horizontally opposed (what else!) transverse engine layout with unit gearbox is described in the brief, as One form of motor cycle embodying the invention… Further it describes the example as have tubular twin front down tubes.  The inventors are Aero Engines LTD and George Frederic Halliday.

The problem of no additional reduction in the final drive is recognized, but …this can be mainly obtained by means of the gearing… Presumably the transmission would be all indirect gears.  Not that it is pertinent to this patent, but there is no mention of how to arrange the rear wheel brake.  The swing arm pivot is, and by necessity, concentric to the transmission output shaft.  The use of cantilevered leaf-spring suspension for the rear swing arm is also of interest. 

I supposed it pulled like a train.  They even say it resembles …that used for connecting together the driving wheels of a railway locomotive. I think this proves that abuse of mind altering substances is not a recent phenomenon!  No indication has been found that they pursued the idea any further. 

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