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A Guide To How The "New Post" Indicators Work
« on: 01 Sep 2005 at 12:03 »
New Post Icons

Each time you visit the forum, you'll see different coloured spheres next to the name of each forum.

This icon means NO new posts have been made in that forum since your last visit.

This icon means new posts HAVE been made in that forum since your last visit, We call this the "New Post Icon".

New Post Tags

Once you enter that forum, the next level of new post indicators are displayed. We call these "New Tags".

After opening a topic to read it, the New Tag will disappear for that topic

If you read no further topics in that forum, and return to the Forum Index page, the New Post Icon also will also have turned off    indicating you have seen there are topics containing new posts in that forum - even though you have not read them.

If you leave the forum completely and then return sometime later, that New Post Icon will still not display even though you have unread topics in that forum.
However, the New Tags will remain next to each topic until you either:

  • Open the topic
  • Click on the Mark All Topics as Read  link

Mark All Topics as Read

Clicking on the the Mark All Topics as Read link will turn off ALL New Tags within that particular forum.

And your Topic List will now look like this.

Mark ALL messages as read

This link at the bottom of the Forum Index page will mark ALL messages for ALL forums as read. You can use this when there are too many new topics and you wish to monitor new posts from the present forward.

Responding to Email Notifications

When you choose to receive email notification of new posts for a topic, you will receive an email like this.

When you click on the link in that email, it will take you straight to the new post within the topic.

This has important consequences for the New Post indicators.

•   The New Post icon on the Forum Index page will be turned OFF.
•   The New Tag next to that topic in the Topic List, will be removed.

To be sure you don’t miss any other new posts in the same forum, it is wise practice to go up one level to the Topic List and have a look for any more New Tags, before returning to the Forum Index page or leaving the Forum altogether.
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