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Forum Etiquette
« on: 27 Nov 2007 at 04:58 »
Forum Etiquette

The following points outline how Members are expected to behave in the forum.

1. Starting a New Topic
To ensure that your message reaches the right people in a timely manner, identify your subject matter clearly in the subject line.

2. Search first
Before proceeding to ask a question make a search using keywords to determine if the question has been previously asked. If so, post your question to that thread.

3. Replying in an Existing Topic
Keep your response relevant to the original post. If you have something of your own you would like to discuss, start a new topic in the relevant forum.

4. Be friendly, pleasant and respectful
When replying, be friendly, helpful and respectful Ė even if the previous message is irritating in some way. Kindly suggesting a solution is much better than berating them for not trying the obvious.

5. When a message irritates you
If you donít have something helpful to say, itís best to leave it alone and move on. Resist the urge to make a harsh or sarcastic remark simply because you feel irritated.

6. Disagree politely
Sometimes you may disagree with a previous post and feel the need to post your point of view. Take extra care to be polite and respectful. Avoid the temptation to mock, be rude or disrespectful to others.

7. Resolve personal issues via PM or email
Please do not use these forums for personal disputes, flame wars, etc. You are expected to treat each other with respect in the forums and to take any personal disputes to a private mode of discussion off the forums.

8. Limit quotes
When quoting, limit the quotation to the text you are commenting upon. Trim extraneous material and place your comments immediately after Ė never quote the whole post under reply. Make separate quotations for each point you wish to comment upon.

9. Asking questions
Give as much detail as possible regarding your question. Explain what you have already tried. Thank those who provide answers and give feedback whether their suggestion worked or not.

10. Please don't SHOUT
All upper case (capital letters) is usually used for emphasis or SHOUTING. Please use lower case unless your intention is say somethiing LOUDLY.

11. Only relevant advertising please
Separate forums are provided for advertising of both private and commercial goods and services relating to restoration of Douglas and other vintage motorcycles. You are welcome to promote your products within these forums providing they are appropriate and relevant. Non-compliant advertising will be removed.

12. Marketing to other Members by email
Promotion of commercial products, services, motorcycles or parts to other Members via their email address or Personal Message box, is not allowed.
Contacting a few members about the private sale of your personal motorcycle or parts is OK.
Mass marketing of any kind is also not allowed. However permission may be given for promotion of not-for-profit Douglas events or other non-commercial, Douglas related matters. Please contact
13. Editing and deletion of messages
We prefer to leave posted messages in their original form as expressed by the author. However, sometimes wording which we judge to be inappropriate may be edited out. In some cases, whole messages may be removed. This is done solely in order keep the forum atmosphere as friendly and welcoming for readers as is possible.

14. Suspension and banning of members
Members who repeatedly post messages in contravention of the above guidelines may be suspended for a period as a warning that they need to make serious changes to their writing style before posting again. Should such a warning go unheeded following lifting of a suspension, a permanent ban may be applied.

In any and all cases, a permanent ban is immediately applied to any member who posts material deemed to be "spam" - ie posts promoting goods and services not allied to Douglas motorcycles or products and/or restoration of vintage motorcycles.
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