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1947 SOLD
Afraid my 47 T35 which was subject to discussion early in the year got the better of me as after finally replacing the clutch etc I clocked up about 350 miles and then led a group of bikes from The East Northants Classic Bike Club up to Founders Day where the T35 was in the Themed Display Area.

On the way back after about 30 miles clutch started slipping again, got me home fine but then deposited pile of oil on the driveway - brief look through inspection plate showed considerable oil contamination. Cleaned plates using adaptation of the "petrol dip" but using Carb Cleaner and clutch appeared ok again but clearly it would need another strip and clutch and oil seal replacement, which unfortunately due having terminal cancers I just didnt feel up to taking engine and gearbox out again.

She therefore had to go - a late approach to Cheffins Auction who initially gave a 2.2 - 2.8K estimate (hopefully more), however I updated them with the slipping clutch saga and he suggested reduced guide to 1.9 - 2.2k fixed reserve of 1.9k - the bike was to late for the catalogue but went on the web site - Come sale day it failed to reach the reserve!

E Bay watchers may have seen it last week - it sold for 1950 with full description of faults - my only regret is that the purchaser informed me it is on it's way to Slovakia where 40's British bikes fetch lots of money! As I left Club Details in the paperwork look out for membership application in the near future.


You may also recall that when I joined the club I mentioned my brother in laws T35S (discussion group February) which I may now acquire as a swop for my 1954 Velocete MAC, as I confess to being fond of the Douglas. I would however seek your advice on the following

His bike came from a museum collection and whilst I have had it running and ridden it round the block when letting the clutch out and taking up the drive to pull away the whole engine shudders quite violently - once on the move everything is fine - I imagine it is the clutch not freeing off smoothly but I am only guessing - can anyone advise and of course any way to rectify the situation without being in the same position i.e. needing to pull engine and gearbox out (which I haven't got the strength to do).

I suppose the only other alternative is to ask does anyone want to make an offer for his T35S pictures of which are on the earlier discussion and only fault known is that described.


Matt's earlier discussion with respective bike pictures can be found here <<,1873.msg6767.html#msg6767 >> and here <<,1859.msg6697.html#msg6697 >>

Stay positive in your fight with that BIG "C" Matt - all the best from all on the Forum!


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