Author Topic: Magneto drive/ignition timing  (Read 3341 times)

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Magneto drive/ignition timing
« on: 08 Nov 2007 at 21:00 »
Following on from the advice I got for valve timing...I am now about to set the ignition timing.

The magneto shaft has its drive wheel fitted and locked with a 3/8th screw...and over that fits a spring/cup and lock ring. I have these components removed...set the engine/piston to 5/16 BTDC. Fitting the magneto with the points just about to open I fit the drive wheel via its spiggot to the shaft..then lock the wheel with its 3/8th screw..then fit the spring/cup and lock ring. How far do I tighten the lock ring?

Should the ignition be retarted ?