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My 1935 350cc
« on: 26 Sep 2007 at 07:32 »
Hello All, When I saw Sidecar Willie's name (250cc machine) at the forum user section I thought maybe I should post a couple of pics of my 35 engine no 35F 148 gearbox S 296 Frame 325 (cant read any letters). I picked the bike up from a bike wreckers over twenty years ago for $15 just because it had the band brakes. The drums needed rebanding and the rims had rusted away. I dont know what possessed me but the frame was never discarded and eventually it was added to bit by bit. It has sat in amongst the collection  year after year and thought it would remain that way. Any way a few months ago my mate Des walked in to take on another finishing project in lieu of a B 29 basket case he wanted to restore for himself. After about an hour he said he would take home the 35 and I couldnt talk him out of it. Yesterday I took him my 32 Bulldog for him to finish and brought home the 35. The only tank that looked right for the year didnt have an oil tank so we decided to use a spare tank I had for a D29 or 31 model. Chose the wrong background for the pics my wall of scrap metal treasure. regards Al

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Re: My 1935 350cc
« Reply #1 on: 27 Sep 2007 at 07:26 »
Hi..Thanks for posting the photos of your machine. They are very usefull for me in terms of that my machine came as a basket case...and your photos have shown me how the gear linkage fits. I probably would have worked it out...but wey hey here it is saves me a little time and frustration.