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1936 Petrol tank, panel lining information
« on: 07 Aug 2007 at 01:17 »
When I bought my 1936 600cc Aero model, it was still in its original finish. Very much weathered, but original. Before the petrol tank was refinished, I took care to document the paneling with photos and sketches.

Underneath a remaining knee grip, traces of the original Douglas blue were color matched. As for the lining, for the most part this was traceable more so for the protection it provided for the underlying paint. Most all of it weathered away except where protected by the knee grip.

Note how the top edge of the side panel follows the top profile of the petrol tank-

Note how the top panel for the most part follows the plan profile of the petrol tank-

Larger version suitable for printing.

Unfortunately, the 'professional' paint job was less than professional, and the panel lining quite crudely done (I still can not believe I paid good money for it.) But the shape and size of the original panels was maintained.

The 'bloom' on the black is humidity-

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