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KDD 467
« on: 19 Aug 2007 at 17:21 »
I met a chap in one of the local watering holes yesterday who was very interested in my Douggie. Apparently he had bought
one from a dealer in Stokes Croft in the early fifties and sold it about 1957. He said it was a lovely bike, but expensive at the time and he could remember the reg no KDD467. Ordinarily I don't think this would have meant much to me but then I remembered that I had seen a similar plate on Eddies ISDT comp (KDD466). Now, thinking that I may be on the trail of one of those, I got really interested and went to the chaps house to see some photos he had. It turned out to be a MK5 though. He asked me if there was any way to find out if his old bike was still beating and if so get a picture maybe. I said I would try - so if anyone knows the whereabouts of KDD467 please let me know.

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Re: KDD 467
« Reply #1 on: 20 Aug 2007 at 21:14 »
Hi Rich, according to DVLA on-line vehicle search KDD 467 is alive and kicking, it would appear that it was re-registered in June 06, so keep looking.