Author Topic: Founders Day Is Cancelled!!!  (Read 5745 times)

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Founders Day Is Cancelled!!!
« on: 21 Jul 2007 at 19:03 »
There are messages all over the internet telling us that Founders Day is cancelled. Here is one of them taken from ...


Yes, Founders day has had to be cancelled and resheduled for the 23rd September. I guess i must apologise to the scaremongers/clairvoyants out there who predicted this happening.
Visiting the site this morning found conditions unsuitable to hold the event and police recommendations agreed, with local villages cut off and many roads impassable.

Please spread the word as far as you can so that there is a minimum of disruption to those wishing to attend. I will inform the AJS&M groups as well as the jampot site.

Sorry to not be meeting you at this time and we hope conditions will be better on 23rd Sept. Afraid the jaffa cakes I bought may not last that long though!

Les Smith
Chairman of the organising committee.